Saxophone Neck Recievers

Hello sax players. I’d like to talk a little about how important receiver fit is. Do you ever notice your neck moving or wobbling while your playing? Or, do you find it difficult to put it on the horn? If so, that may be a sign that it’s leaking (and dirty). And you would be SHOCKED how much better it would play after it seals properly. Your neck should slide right into the receiver with a little twist. And you shouldn’t need to tighten your neck screw like Hercules. The picture on top shows one I just replaced. If you look at the diameter of the old receiver on top, you can see that it is out of round. That happens through years of constantly over-tightening the neck screw. It can also happen by just putting the neck on wrong. Like I said, it should just slide right in. But, if it’s not kept clean and spit free, small calcium deposits form and grow, making it difficult to put in the receiver. Then the player starts to cram and twist and push, and through time it starts to stretch the receiver. Most repair shops can shape the tenon round again and give it a good fit, without having to replace your receiver. Replacing the receiver is worst case scenario, but it was actually quite easy to do and the cost was reasonable. That new receiver can last the life of the horn. Proper care is all it will take. Like wiping your neck and receiver down after playing and NOT over-tightening the neck screw. Easy, cheesy, lemon squeezy!

Cheers & Keep them toes tappin!

Ren K


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