Just was thinking…How does one choose a trumpet??? So much depends on where you are coming from, and where you are going. As a young student… This would be for you parents…All you need is a good, solid, name brand instrument to get your student through the first couple of years of learning. After that, it is only budget and passion! Most continuing players of trumpet, or any other instrument can get by on an intermediate instrument, which would easily get them through high school. Some jump right to the pro lines knowing that re-sale would be higher, or that they would be well serviced into college. One does not need to go directly to the boutique market, though we can always dream. I think that the biggest concern of the last 10 years, for parents that is, is that the price of good instruments are not what they were in the 70’s…Which just happens to be where many of the parents are remembering when they got their first good horns. We are not in Kansas any more with prices. Once we understand that, we can move on and get decent instruments for our children. Knowing that we have a first rate horn in our hands.. Thinking from the kiddo side now…We can really buy into the idea of putting our energies into developing the passion. So, parents, put your kids in the fore-front of a potential livelihood or a way of recreational life. Music is an event that doesn’t end with graduation!  More to come from this gearhead!

-Chris Peters


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