More Trumpet Thoughts

I eluded to supporting your young trumpet student in my last blog, with an instrument of decent quality… At a couple of different levels. Short version of course, but for my introductory thoughts are just getting me started. As I think long term, and remembering so many conversations, with professional around the country, I am reminded that the best bang for your buck, really is in specific instruction. I will assume that you or your kiddo has a good working instrument. Clean, all slides pull, valves work well and that the horn is free blowing and not stuffy. Some older instruments, though thought of as wonderful, because great grandfather played it is a dance band, sometimes just don’t play like our modern technology trumpets. The bore might be small and tight or the valves may have most of the plating wore off. Sure, keep these horn around, and maybe someday do a restoration in honor of the family tradition. I won’t fault you for that, but your student needs a horn that works. Assuming also that the mouthpiece is a good match…The generic Bach 7C or equivalent is fine, a little bigger would not hurt…And that the fit into the receiver is acceptable, (More on that in another post) Is a great start. Now to my point today…Lessons…Yes, some professional help…Direction, or what ever you want to call it. After the initial investment, lessons are the next purchase to really get off to a great start. Lessons will give a young player what they need to play what they have. Lessons should be challenging, inspirational and fun. They should instill a need and a want to put in “extra time,” to learn cool stuff. Some people call this practice, but who just wants to practice? I want to have “fun,” so I do the extra time. Notice how I am not saying the “p” word. Lessons will give direction. Lessons will give you strength and technique. Lessons will give you added knowledge to be able to have more fun playing. If the teacher is not exciting or inspirational, there is another person out there that will be a better match. Lessons will also give your student the inkling if playing or even that instrument is a good match. If it is not, you just saved time and money on more equipment later. If it is, you have just created a life-long learner of music! One of our resources, are names of local professionals who teach privately. Come on down and ask!

-Chris Peters


3 thoughts on “More Trumpet Thoughts

  1. So many great points here! Additionally, what other profession/industry offers an opportunity to be mentored individually on a weekly basis on what it is like to be a musician, a professional, a life long learner and more importantly…an adult. The music part of music lessons is just one slice of the learning pie that comes with lessons.


    1. Hello musicstudio101.
      I just want to thank you for reading. We are just starting to blog here at the shop and are trying alternate ways of reaching people or providing a positive resource to our customers. I am coming from a background of teaching music for 30 years and being a life-long player of music. I rub elbows with many and those folks have helped me develop some realistic views of resource management. Have a great day!

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