Middle School Band Repertoire Suggestions from an “old hand”

James (Whitey) Minette is my brother-in-law.  Long ago, I taught music in the same district as he–Whitewater, Wisconsin.  He is a gifted musician and teacher, and led wonderfully accomplished middle school bands.  I asked him for repertoire suggestions, as he was known for his inventive programming.  I have listed them below.  By the way, his daughter Sarah, is also a middle school band director in Minnesota, although she is taking time out right now to get her doctorate at Arizona State University.  I hope to get her suggestions also.

Repertoire suggestions for Middle School Band by James Minette

*My Jesus! Oh, What Anguish                      Bach/Reed

Prelude and March                                       Lewellen

Momentations                                               Spears

Prelude and Celebration                              Chattaway

*Flourish for Wind Band                              Vaugh Williams

Legende                                                         Mahler/Gardner

*Salvation Is Created                                     Tschesnokoff/HouseKnecht

March For a Rainy Day                                 O’Reilly

First Man On Mars for Tape and Band       (outdated?) Ward

Concert Curtain Raiser                                 Hastings

Tanglewood                                                   Tatgenhorst

Kaleidescope                                                 O’Reilly

Idyllwild Fantasy                                           O’Reilly

*Avatara                                                         Lekrone

*Dissonants for Band                                    Svarda

Short Prelude with Perspectives                 Caruso

*March to Nowhere                                      Nelhybel

*Suite from Bohemia                                     Nelhybel

*Invention #1                                                 Blahnik

*Variation Overture                                      C. Williams

March Lamar                                                 C. Williams

*Epeisodians                                                  LeKrone

Montage                                                         Tatgenhorst

*Chocolate Moose                                          Kysar

Regalia                                                            O’Reilly

Litany and Alleluia                                        Forsblad

*Prehistoric Suite                                          Paul Jennings

Symphonette for Band                                 Erickson

Prologue                                                         Morton Gould/Caracavas


For a few years off and on depending of the group I had, I used a book called A Contemporary Primer for Band by Sydney Hodkinson,  an introduction to contemporary music and notation. This is still available from Theodore Presser.

Larry Daehn has good compositions for young bands. He now has a website, daehnpublications.com.


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