Vandoren Newsletter for Players, Teachers, and Students

One of the main reasons why we started blogging was to create a informative destination for our customers. So when we started to take a closer look at Wave: Information from the Source, we had to share it with you!

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 12.40.00 PM
Wave: Information From the Source, Sample Email

Wave is a free weekly newsletter sent out every Thursday by Vandoren. Each newsletter features 4 articles: a featured article, one for players, one for teachers, and one for students. While a lot of the articles have a focus on wind players, many of them are general informational pieces such as:

For Students: A Quick but Comprehensive Practice Routine that Gets Results

For Players: 3 Reasons Why You Need To Stop Playing Gigs For Free

And of course for our wind players:

For Teachers: Donald Montanaro Talks Mouthpieces, “Schools” of Playing, and Sound with Jean-Marie Paul.

Featured Article: Preparing for the Audition: A Conversation with the 2015 VEA Winners

So please do take advantage of this resource and sign up! It is a quick and easy process to get all of this valuable information at your finger tips. Also Vandoren does have several apps including one with general up to date Vandoren information and one called Vandoren TV with videos and demos.

You can sign up for the newsletter here!


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