Insight into Becoming a Music Artist

The Ugandan singer Somi offers some wisdom on becoming a music artist. With the field already oversaturated and highly competitive, it can be hard for new artist to make waves and integrate into the scene.  Somi talks about a couple of key points she wished someone had told her when she first started out.

You can read the full article here

As a young DIY musician myself, I have encountered a lot of the hiccups that happen early in ones musical career (a healthy mixture of self inflicted incidences and others from peers). I honestly think it is part of a needed experience and not just for humility’s sake. It has let me deeply internalize them on a personal level which I think helps make it stick.

Yet again it is good to have the wisdom of those who have gone before you to be able to recognize when those hiccups occur and the how to deal with them in a professional matter. I think the key element is to constantly be learning about not only your specific role/field but those tangential to your interests as well. Though we live in a world of specialists, it’s a good idea to at some point connect the dots.

Thank you for the insight Somi!

-Neal Chin


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