Ukulele Magazine


When it comes to guitar magazines you can take your pick: Guitar World, Premier Guitar, Guitarist etc. These publications are great to hear about new products, learn a new lick, or even get the “jib-jab,” for industry professionals. This led me to ask: what about us ‘ukulele players???

Ukulele magazine is a great extensive quarterly publication on all things ‘ukulele.  Different sections of the magazine, such as the Community section, feature articles on what people are doing with the ‘ukulele around the world including a community calendar, news, and album reviews.

I figured I would share and spread the word to my fellow ‘ukulele enthusiast. This past publication had a great article on bespoke (made to order) ‘ukuleles and all the intricacies going through the process. The author has some great insights and specific examples that perfectly enhance the piece.

You can see their website here!

001_006_Cover_web2      001_007_Cover_web      Uke_8-1      Uke-4-cover       Uke-5-Cover


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