Warren Buffet Plays Portland Luthier’s ‘Ukulele

Many of you ‘ukulele players may have seen a couple of videos of Warren Buffet singing and playing the ‘ukulele. If you haven’t already, it’s quite entertaining to watching him sing old country tunes or even the famous I’d Like To Teach the World to Sing. 

Here is a great one with Warren and Bon Jovi playing together at a benefit.

Mark Roberts and the Coca-Cola ‘ukulele

With it being the 100 year anniversary of the Coca-Cola bottle, Warren put out a short video of himself playing ‘ukulele as an ode to the company. Of course being a self proclaimed “‘Ukulele Nerd,” I immediately began wondering what kind ‘ukulele he was playing. Perusing Facebook, I soon found that the ‘ukulele was a custom model from a luthier up in Portland named Mark Roberts with Mark Robert’s Guitars and Ukuleles. I always love seeing posts from Mark’s shop and the latest project he is working on. Having been following Mark and his work for a while now and it all made sense. The distinct shape of of the Coca-Cola ‘ukulele screamed Mark all over it.

I think it’s best for Mark’s work speak for itself. You can see pictures alongside some player demos off of his website. Congrats on the commission Mark! I look forward to seeing more of your wonderful ukes!

Mark Robert’s Guitars and Ukuleles Website


Mark Robert’s Guitars and Ukulele Facebook Page

-Neal Chin


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