Humidity and Your ‘Ukulele

The mortal enemy of wooden instruments: humidity. It’s good to be aware of the, “living situation,” of your ‘ukulele and what makes your instrument happy or unhappy. Keeping a close eye on the humidity level can make or literally break your ‘ukulele (especially during the winter months when the heat is going).  Being from Hawai’i this is relatively a new concern for myself so I wanted to be thorough in my research to take care of my baby (KoAloha KTM-00).

I found this wonderful blog called Ukulele Tonya that has a bunch of great information regarding all things ‘ukulele. Included are two informative articles about humidity with one being a general reference and one that is more in depth. For most of us the general sheet should cover most of the bases. You click on the sheet to enlarge it.

Uke_Humidity 1
‘Ukulele Humidity pg. 1
Uke_Humidity 2
‘Ukulele Humidity pg. 2

If you’re looking for something more in depth you can click here.

Thanks ‘Ukulele Tonya for the thorough information! I really enjoyed reading your articles and your posts. Read more on ‘Ukulele Tonya’s blog here.

-Neal Chin


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