Video: Steel Drum and Ukulele Duo

One of the charms of working in Waikiki was seeing all the different types of buskers/street performers playing. From magicians to Troy Fernandez, every night of the week was something different. It started to become a routine for me to hear the pan flute band on Tuesday evenings or the hip hop dancers from 9pm and up in front of Moana Surfrider Hotel.

In front of the former International Market Place was the place to be. A mixture of the different musicians and characters that would pass by would always leave you walking away with a story (not to mention you could always count on at least one ‘ukulele player!).  Frequently I would see Jimmy the steel drum player with a full band playing reggae and contemporary covers.  This video reminded me of just that: ‘ukulele and steel drum.

I love to see a town or city with live street performers. It adds a certain vitality and character that is unique to the area. That’s a lovely thing about Eugene, Or: never in short supply of players busking!

Hope this brings you joy!

Video: Steel Drum and Ukulele Duo.


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