Blank on Blank Coltrane

Words of wisdom are best spoken from the source. That’s the reason why we go digging, figuratively and literally, for original audio recordings of interviews. It’s as if we can find some deeper or hidden meaning from that get’s lost in translation.

That’s why I was delighted to find this new series from PBS called blank on blank. blank on blank features interviews from icons of all walks of life with fun animations for easy digestion.  Some of them are classic interviews such as B.B. King’s famous story about Lucille and some are a little more obscure such as Heath Ledger talking about role playing.

Here is a snippet of a rare interview of John Coltrane in 1966 as told by Frank Kofsky. Kofsky took the train out to Long Island where he and Coltrane took a short drive with a tape recorder. The conversation starts out light as Coltrane talks about his home and experimenting with mouthpieces. It then shifts into the deeper and more philosophical talk about the good and evil in the world.

I want to be a force for real good. -John Coltrane

A little erie considering he left us just a year later.

So block out some time because I am sure after watching one your going to want to do some digging to find some gems of wisdom.



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