Mad Max Inspired Flamethrower ‘Ukulele

Summertime means Hollywood blockbusters. It seems you can always count on at least one large budget action movie filled with special effects. As sucker for these kinds of movies I had to see the latest Mad Max movie, Mad Max: Fury Road.

One of the memorable images that got stuck in my head from this testosterone filled film was this:

Flamethrower guitar from Mad Max: Fury Road

Can you blame me? What’s more rock and roll than a masked man playing a flamethrower guitar in front of a questionable amount of speakers while on top car in a squad of bandits. I had to ask myself: What would they think of next?

Yes that is exactly what it is: a Mahalo ‘ukulele turned into flamethrower.

Brought to you by editor of Make: Magazine and supplies from a local hardware store, we see the first (to my knowledge) flamethrower ‘ukulele. Though many of us may not be building our own flamethrower ‘ukulele, it is fascinating to watch him construct it!

Though if you do decide to construct one . . .

Rock on!


-Neal Chin


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