50 Greatest Songs of Hawai’i

Several years ago Honolulu Magazine put together a list of Hawaii’s 50 greatest albums. Albums across the board from Sunday Monoa to Rap Replinger were included and rated by 12 panelist with a stake in Hawaii’s music. Here are some interviews on some of the choices from list from Ra’iatea, Billy V, John de Mello, etc.

Since it was received so well across the board they have decided to follow it up with a list of the greatest songs. Just as before a group of panelist (now 35 people) curated Hawaii’s music including traditional Hawaiian-language standards, hapa-haole tunes, monarchy-era anthems, and contemporary radio-friendly hits.

Read the list here:

50 Greatest Songs of Hawai’i

I love the range this list covers. Having grown up surrounded by Hawaiian music, I’ve heard many of these songs and couldn’t imagine a list of Hawaii’s greatest without them. That being said I haven’t heard a chunk of these songs and am now enjoying going through them and getting acquainted with some great music!

Wether you are walking down memory lane or finding some new favorites, I hope you enjoy!

-Neal Chin


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