ESYO ‘Ukulele Camp

This past week Joe Aloia and myself taught a youth ‘ukulele camp in partnership with ESYO (Eugene-Springfield Youth Orchestras) and Pacific Winds. The camp was opened to all skill levels and included children from grades 4th-9th. The kids learned basic ‘ukulele techniques and a variety of musical concepts with fun games and lessons. All of which culminated into a performance and reception for the kids, family, and friends.

We had a blast! A great group of kids who are eager and enthusiastic about music and the ‘ukulele is always a great recipe for an ‘ukulele teacher. Some of the children hadn’t even touched the ‘ukulele yet they still worked hard and made it to the stage. Hats off to the kids for doing such a fantastic job!

Performing at South Eugene Highschool

I would like to do a shout out to Holly Spencer (ESYO) and Pat Knaus for coordinating and hosting the camp. This would have never happened without you folks and I am so very grateful for everything.

Also a solid round of applause to the parents/guardians for supporting  your children in their musical endeavors! It takes a solid foundation and support from family and friends to make it happen.

Until the next year! We hope to see you then!

A big mahalo from Joe and myself!

-Neal Chin


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