Craig Chee & Sarah Maisel Workshop


Last night Craig Chee & Sarah Maisel held a workshop and a mini-concert down here at Pacific Winds. The workshop focused on playing in a group and the possibilities to add depth to playing the ‘ukulele. Using Wahine Ilikea as the example, Sarah covered chord voicings up the neck while Craig worked everyone on various right hand techniques.


The mini-concert featured great renditions of Restless by Alison Krauss, the standard East of the Sun, and of course the ‘ukulele classic Bodysurfing. Joining them was bass player and UO graduate Milo, who tastefully added in on the low end.

They have a beautiful synthesis of both their strengths as players and looking forward to seeing them both in Eugene again!

-Neal Chin


2 thoughts on “Craig Chee & Sarah Maisel Workshop

  1. It was a great workshop and very appropo to my playing as I try to branch out and play with others. Sarah really hit the old nail on the head when she talked about the problems inherent in Ukulele “club” setting. Had a great time and loved seeing these two back in Eugene.


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