Pixar Short “Lava” Lesson

Kuana Torres Kahele PC: Honolulu Pulse
Napua Greig

Last year Pixar featured an ‘ukulele in it’s latest short titled Lava. Directed and produced by James Ford Murphy, Lava features Hawaiian musicians Kuana Torres Kahele (Na Palapalai) and Napua Greig singing a happy love duet. The short was included during the previews of the Pixar film Inside Out, which was released June 2015.

Spoiler Alert!


Video Synopsis Below

Lava is a story of the lonely volcano Uku who is looking for his mate. As the wildlife of the Pacific are swimming, floating, and flying with their loved one, Uku sings about his heartbreak to his own extinction. Little does he know that resting below the sea is a volcano named Lele (get it?) who has been listening to Uku sing and has fallen in love with the sullen volcano. Finally emerging from the ocean, Lele sings the same sweet song, re-igniting Uku as he erupts back to vitality. The two volcanos then become one island where they live happily ever after.

Lesson – Someone To Lava

The song featured in the film and commonly referred to as Someone to Lava is a catchy and cute tune that can be played both as a solo piece or as a duet. Inspired by the intimacy of IZ’s Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World, it’s a simple song that utilizes only 3 chords (C, F, & G7) and a simple strumming pattern.

Someone To Lava Strum
D DUDUDU – 1 Bar Strumming Pattern (4 beats)

Attached below is a song sheet for Someone to Lava. The chords designated to each section is consistent (1st & 2nd verse are the same chords, etc) until the end of the song where they tag the last line (I Lava You).  You can experiment and help interpret the lyrics of the song with your ‘ukulele by slowing down certain parts (2nd verse & chorus) to match the sad and somber words. Speeding up and play with more gusto as the tone of the lyrics change to the happy ending.

Download Someone to Lava Song Sheet Here

Hope you enjoy!

-Neal Chin


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