Tacos and ‘Ukuleles! 


Austin may be the live music capital of the world but Tyson’s Tacos has taken it to anther level. Thrillist magazine published an article labeling Tyson’s as the number one taco place for musicians. To embrace the honor, Tyson’s decided to enact their first ever Ukulele Policy. The premise of the policy is simple: play a song on the house ‘ukulele and get a free taco.

3 simple rules govern the popular taco joints policy:

1: The song to taco conversion rate is 1:1. One song to one free taco.

2: Quality of the song should be that the people in line will not harm or publicly shame the performer.

3: Lastly, there is no limit to how many songs you can perform.

Here is a link to the story coverage by WRAL

Here is a link to Tyson’s Tacos website

I know many of ‘ukulele players that would love this place! You usually don’t have to incentivize people in playing an ‘ukulele but this is a great motivator, especially for the starving musician!

-Neal Chin


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