The Quiet American Workshop & Concert

Aaron Keim’s 3 favorite strums

This past Wednesday we were lucky to have The Quiet American, Aaron and Nicole Keim, visiting us at Pacific Winds for a workshop and concert. The workshop part of the night was titled Aaron’s 3 Favorite Strums featuring a great and effective way to get your ‘ukulele swinging. Using what he called the chattanooga strum, Aaron taught the class how to do expand strumming patterns with technique and great ways internalize rhythm. By the end of the workshop he had people creating their own rhythms and not to mention he had the class synced up like seasoned ‘ukulele band.

Chattanooga strumming lesson.

After the workshop Nicole joined in and they played some of their favorite tunes including some featured off of their latest album Songs From a Rocking Chair. As multi-instrumentalists, Aaron and Nicole rotated between their concert ‘ukulele, baritone ‘ukulele, banjo, and accordion. I love their rich harmonies, tasteful accompaniment, and their comfortable demeanor as performers.


Below are videos of their performance from this past week. Please enjoy!

-Neal Chin


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