Andrew Molina Workshop & Concert

Andrew teaching picking techniques.

Last night we were joined for a workshop/mini-concert by ‘ukulele virtuoso Andrew Molina. Andrew taught a variety of techniques to help embellish both as a rhythm and lead ‘ukulele player. Various incarnations of the Hawaiian vamp mixed in with syncopated strumming patterns kept students on their toes with hands and fingers flicking in all directions. Various picking techniques including palm muting and “hyper picking.”

Andrew demoing some Hawaiian vamps.

After Andrew and I played the ‘ukulele standard Tokada to transition into the concert part of the evening. Andrew’s father Jay Molina took over and the father son duo played the titled track from Andrew’s debut CD The Beginning. They continued the evening with a unique medley of the traditional Hawaiian tune Hi’ilawe and the Guns and Roses song Sweet Child of Mine (of which incorporated many of the techniques covered in the class). The evening was finished with the Ohta-san song Bodysurfing.

Thanks Andrew and Jay! We are looking forward to your next visit!

-Neal Chin


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