Old Betsy and New Betsy

Several weeks ago we received an email from a young tuba student at Monroe Middle School. Her letter was so cute we spoke to the band director Talon Nansel and got the ok from the school and the parents to share her letter with you. I think the letter speaks for itself.

Hello Pacific Winds,
I am Meghan a 7th grade band student at Monroe. Last year I rented a trombone from you and played it for a while. Then at the end of the school year I decided I really wanted to play tuba. So, I returned the trombone and learned and practiced tuba before and after school everyday for about a month.
Over the summer Mr. Nansel gave me Old Betsy, a really old, worn out, dented tuba. She can definitely play and she sounds great but she is a little rough around the edges.
When I came back to school I found out that I still had to play Old Betsy for the year. Which was fine by me because I love Old Betsy, but it was really hard to get her to and from school, especially because she doesn’t have a case.
Last week after school while I was playing on Old Betsy, Mr. Nansel wheeled in this big, shiny, new tuba. He told me that you guys gave him a deal and sold him this new tuba. I was so lucky that Mr. Nansel is letting me play and take care of this new tuba (her name is New Betsy).
Thank you so much for this opportunity. I will definitely take care of New Betsy. Even though there will always be a soft spot in my heart Old Betsy there is still room for a new tuba.

Thanks again,

Mehgan, we wish you all the best and glad you are enjoying New Betsy!

We’d love to hear you play!

-Neal Chin


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