Jack Johnson’s New ‘Ukulele Tune

John John Florence at Pipline. PC: Brent Bielmann

Earlier this week Rolling Stone released an article regarding a new song written by Jack Johnson for an upcoming surf documentary about and produced by John John Florence titled View From a Blue Moon. Both Florence and Johnson grew up on the North Shore of Oahu, with their families being close. Florence describes Johnson as the uncle with sagacious advice, offering guidance and tips on life.

Jack jamming with Kamaile Academy Students

Florence called in the family favor and asked Johnson if he could use one of his song for his upcoming documentary. He was surprised to see Johnson’s enthusiastic response to write a completely new song for the film. Johnson wrote Seasick Dream, an ‘ukulele driven song about surfing. The song starts with the ‘ukulele and slowly starts to introduce the other instruments after the first chorus. The acoustic guitar and drums follow the ‘ukulele creating a deeper texture as the electric guitar, auto-harp, percussion, etc. wash over the rhythm instruments. One of the more dissonant songs from Johnson’s catalogue, Seasick Dream will provide the backdrop for a montage of Florence’s early life surfing.

You can read the full article and hear Seasick Dream off of Rolling Stone Magazines website here.


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