Tone Deaf Comics – Music Stands

Have you seen any of these in the band room before?


Here is a strip from a great web comic called Tone DeafTone Deaf follows two band directors, Ed and Thom, at Dudley High School and how they deal with the band program while having to deal with each other. From time to time Tone Deaf offers random comics that have nothing to do with Ed and Thom but still use (or abuse) music as its subject matter. Tone Deaf updates on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.


John Bogenschutz writes and draws Tone Deaf for a living. He received a Bachelors of Music Education degree from Northern Kentucky University. He was also a band director for a couple of years, a music arranger for about ten years and now cartoonist. He also has 3 published compositions to his credit (Hymn for the Altruistic, Red Rocks Fanfare, andContambiance Fanfare). John currently lives in Union, KY with his beautiful wife and three sons.

You can read Tone Deaf online here!

-Neal Chin


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