The Force is Strong in Uke

It seems that Christmas trees, candy canes, and elves are not the only images we are seeing everywhere this holiday season. The media explosion caused by the release of the latest installation in the Star Wars universe has the world back in the craze from a galaxy far far away. Don’t worry no spoilers here!

One of the many elements that make Star Wars an amazing epic is its music. Composed by John Williams, the music from the films instantly transports it’s listeners to the wonderful landscapes found throughout the Star Wars universe. So whether you find your mind drifting to Tatooine, The Death Star, or in a bucket of popcorn at the first screening A New Hope, most agree that film music has never been the same.

Amongst it’s legacy is a fair share of Star Wars themed instruments. I recalled seeing a Millenium Falcon bass once before, so in an effort to find some photos I found this article from Nerdist with a collection of some Star Wars guitars out there. I personally like the C3-PO guitar.

C3-PO Guitar


Being an ‘ukulele enthusiast, I can often get a little too excited when seeing the ‘ukulele counterpart (remember the Mad Max Flamethrower ‘ukulele?). So upon hearing about a lightsaber ‘ukulele I couldnt resist myself. Like a Steinberger guitar or Risa ‘ukulele the tuning pegs are located at the bottom of the ‘ukulele. The “blade” of the lightsaber serves as the fretboard and even has light up fret markers for added effect. A piezo pick-up is used under the bridge.

Watch as our demonstrator, dressed as Luke, uses the force to lift the lightsaber and play us The Imperial March. The ‘ukulele the season is for!

See more of their videos here and watch the lightsaber ‘ukulele get built here.

-Neal Chin


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