UkePrints – Stuart Fuchs – Michelle

Stuart Fuchs PC: Mark Dellas


Today we are joined by multi-instrumentalist, yoga practitioner, and ‘ukulele extraordinaire Stuart Fuchs. Fuchs has over 20 years experience in the arts using it both as
a tool for not only expression but as a means to heal and empower people of all backgrounds. In 2013, Fuchs shifted a lot of his focus to
the ‘ukulele releasing his debut ‘ukulele album Stukulele. As an active
performer and instructor, Fuchs can be found on the bill for ‘ukulele festivals, camps, workshops, etc. all over the US.

Debut Album Stukulele


Today we are going to listen to Fuch’s rendition of the Lennon-McCartney tune Michelle. Fuch’s performance exhibits his skill in both execution and arrangement as he creates a tasteful contribution to the world of solo ‘ukulele. He starts the tune with the unmistaken intro varying his tone by shifting his right hand placement (0:00-0:09). Sliding up and down double stops on the 2nd and 3rd string (0:18-0:24) creates a nice texture in junction with his light arrpeggiated chords (0:13-0:15) which we get to hear through out the piece.

PC: Bill Spence

He throws in the occasional scratch (0:29, 0:41, etc) to help solidify the rhythm and mixed in with pronounced strums (0:25) again create a nice varying texture. The bridge of the song calls for a four string slide up to the 6th fret (0:38) before landing back down to the 2nd fret with full sounding Lyle Ritz chords (0:43). Finishing the bridge and another
chorus brings Fuchs back to the bridge with some light variation such as a hammer-on pull-off (1:18) at the end of the first phrase. The vocal adlib now is replaced by nice variations on the chords, a cleanly executed roll (1:42), and a tasteful vocal like bend (1:50). Fast forwarding to the next verse, Fuchs opens with the melody using harmonics (2:17) that create a lot of space and is a great tasteful transition to a rubato section (2:30-2:43). Capitalizing on the 8th note theme (2:49, 3:00, etc), bringing back in some bends (2:55, 3:10, etc), and slowly bringing the song to a restful halt create a solid ending and resolution as he gives his final two strums (3:16).


UkePrints is a curated playlist of some essential ukulele tracks that all ukulele player should listen to. These songs have left a legacy for future players and in essence, sound impressions of the ‘ukulele or what I like to call them: UkePrints.


One thought on “UkePrints – Stuart Fuchs – Michelle

  1. Thank you Neal & Pacific Winds for this in-depth analysis of my off the doff rendition of Michelle. Golly geez–I didn’t even realize I was doing all this! 😉 As many Ukulele instrumentalists know, it is a great joy to re-create a vocal & accompaniment part at the same time on this humble four stringed instrument – it was especially enjoyable to include the George Harrison “fuzzy” guitar solo that ends the original Beatles classic. Mahalo for this review!


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