UkePrints – Apirak Sirinanthakul – Blueberry Sky

Apirak Sirinanthakul PC: Kamaka Ukulele

For today’s UkePrints we journey our way to Thailand, where we meet “The Magic Right Thumb,” himself; Apirak Sirinanthakul. Known for for playing jazz and his thumb dominant Ohta-san influenced style, Sirinanthakul has taken the hearts of ‘ukulele players internationally with appearances at the Thailand Ukulele Festival and even was a part of the first Philippine Ukulele Festival. He has two albums out; “Blueberry Sky,” and, “Live at Ribbee,” filled with soothing and well arranged originals.

Sirinanthakul playing at the KoAloha booth at NAMM 2016. 

The title track, “Blueberry Sky,” is a great example of Sirinanthakul’s style as an artist. This original has a sweet melody that is never left unattended. Sirinanthakul starts the tune by introducing the main melody in a rubato intro featuring some finger picking (0:11) and a taste of his Ohta-san style with a single note melody separated by rhythmically important down strokes of the thumb (0:08). A few muted scratches (0:16) and the rhythm is introduced with distinct strums (0:22) and a bass line he has moving on the third and fourth strings (0:28). After he finishes the melody once (1:23), he continues with subtle variation in tone (2:44), light rhythmic embellishment (2:01), and plays with the melody slightly (2:04). He does an ascending crescendo with a chord melody (2:51) before landing on a G6/9 with an Ohta-san style roll (2:56).

Hats of to Sirinanthakul for writing such tasty song! We love original music here on UkePrints!

UkePrints is a curated playlist of some essential ukulele tracks that all ukulele player should listen to. These songs have left a legacy for future players and in essence, sound impressions of the ‘ukulele or what I like to call them: UkePrints.


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