About Us!


Lindsay Mills — Highly recommended! The staff is super friendly and helpful. They have repaired/adjusted our kid’s instruments several times now and were very knowledgeable when we needed to buy reeds for my daughter’s clarinet. Support small business and wonderful customer service!

Lori D Riddell — We love this place. We bought our daughter her flute their and they are very helpful and kind. When we had to do a few repairs or something wasn’t working right they fixed it. We highly recommend this place.

Chelsea Callan from Powell Butte Charter School
Dear Pat,
Thank you again so much for the use of the classroom set of ukuleles!! The students loved them and some are asking for ukuleles for Christmas… Your store inspired a group of middle schoolers in Central Oregon to try a new musical instrument and they found out how much fun ukuleles are!!!

Company History

William Knaus opened the doors to their Eugene-based instrument repair shop on March 15, 1987. At the time they were one of six area sops, bat as the decades have passed, Pacific Winds Music remains as the only one of the original six still in business, thanks in no small part to the Knaus’ ability to adapt and expand by adding reeds, print music and lesson books, accessories, and a wide selection of ukuleles–not to mention free uke lessons for beginners.

Today, band instruments and ukuleles share space and success at Pacific Winds Music. In 2004, Willie decided to add ukuleles to his school music business. Starting small, sales have grown ever since, even during the recession, and the display now includes more than 60 ukuleles representing noted brands like Kamaka, Kanile’a, LoPrinzi, Breedlove, Ohana, Kala, Kamoa, Cordoba, Moku, Islander, Magic Fluke, and Amahi. Local and nationally known ukulele artists present workshops and classes in the store. As a part of its commitment to music education, Pacific Winds Music maintains a classroom set of 15 ukuleles for school and community use, free of charge.

Pacific Winds Music continues to sponsor community music making groups and school music programs. Partners in music include Eugene Springfield Youth Orchestras, Eugene Symphonic Band, Springfield Community Band, City of Eugene Washburn Summer Park Series, One More Time Marching Band, Swing Shift, Uketoberfest, and New Horizons Band.

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